Precision Cutting Machine

P3,800/sample (P3,040 student rate)

Mechanical Cross Sectioning is a sample preparation technique in which we uncover features and structure inside a specimen. This technique is also used in reducing sample size in order to proceed to further analysis. In ADMATEL, we use Precision Cutting Machine with a diamond saw in which can cut almost up to the hardness of 7H; and can cut up to 1 mm thickness. Sample are either pre-cut to fit a mold or the molded sample is cut to be processed for the next step.

    • Precision diamond saw cutter
    • Has coolant to prevent heat-related effects


Metallurgical Preparation, PCB verification, Layer Thickness, Multilayer Verification, Micro Sectioning, Micro Etching/ Chemical Etching



Test Method

Sample Preparation

Sample Requirements

At most 200 mm

Test Limitations

Thick metal parts above 700 HV;

Hard and densed materials, can cut up to 1 mm thickness