Laser Decapsulation

Starts at P4,200/sample (P3,300 student rate)

Decapsulation of packaged devices (such as integrated circuits (IC’s) and printed circuit boards (PCBs) exposes the internal components of the package. Laser Decapsulation uses laser to remove or etch out package material prior to using acid to lessen acid-etch time. Device failure analysis often relies on the selective etching of polymer encapsulants without compromising the integrity of the wire bonds and device layers.

    • Precise laser etching with optimizable parameters
    • Capable of decapping IC packages
    • Can etch different shapes


Inspection of the die, interconnects and other features typically examined during failure analysis



Test Method

Sample Preparation

Sample Requirements

Non-hermetic IC packages

Maximum size: 10cm x 10cm IC package

Test Limitations

The laser may damage the desired part to analyze, needs test samples for parameter optimization

Analysis Time required

3-5 days

*w/in 24 hours if urgent