Ion Mill

P4,500/sample (P3,600 student rate)

The ion milling process is also a cross-section polishing technique that uses argon gas and ion beam and is a stress and contamination-free process in contrast with the conventional mechanical polishing and cutting techniques. This process offers a much larger scale compared with FIB sectioning.

    • Precise cross-section acquisition
    • Final polishing
    • Surface cleaning for SEM
    • Micro to nano-imaging
    • Can cross-section 1mm x 1mm specimen
    • Up to 6 Kv
    • Cross-section thickness is around 400 microns
    • 500 micron Ion beam


Micro-etching of surface
Sample Preparation for SEM and EDS analysis.



Test Method

Sample Preparation

Sample Requirements

At most 10 mm x 11 mm x 2 mm (lwh)

Test Limitations

Any non-heat sensitive solid material that fits sample size limitation

Takes a long time to finish, slow

Standard Lead Time

3-5 days

*w/in 24 hours if urgent