Optical Microscopy using Stereo Microscope

P2,000/sample (P1,600 student rate)

Equipped with two eyepieces and a digital high-resolution digital camera. This microscope is often referred to as “viewing microscopes” due to its large, flat viewing platform required to view even macro-level specimens. The Stereo Microscope provides the flexibility that we need in performing inspection or preparation. Stereo Microscopes use lower power magnification than compound microscopes, our system is capable to magnify up to 50x magnification.

    • Magnification: 6.5x to 50x
    • Particle size analysis/determination
    • Linear measurement


Non-destructive testing, Failure Analysis, Crack and Voids, Micro weld analysis, Pry and Dry, Dye penetrant via microscopy, Particle Analysis, Metallurgical Analysis