Optical Microscopy using Compound Microscope

P2,000/sample (P1,600 student rate)

An upright microscope, with multiple objective lenses that varies magnification from 50X up to 1000X. This microscope has the capability of doing reflected light techniques such as Brightfield and Darkfield. It is also equipped with a high-resolution camera in which you can capture high-resolution images and real-time videos at actual resolution. This microscope is built for digital imaging in which captures images of up to 1 microns and can generate repetitive results in terms of meteorological measurements.

    • Magnification: 50x to 4000x
    • Particle size analysis/determination
    • Linear measurement


Visual Inspection, Non-destructive testing, Failure Analysis, Crack and Voids, Micro weld analysis, Pry and Dry, Dye penetrant via microscopy, Particle Analysis, Metallurgical Analysis