Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS)

Starts at P13,300/sample (P 10,640 student rate)

Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) is a surface-sensitive analytical method that uses a pulsed ion beam to remove molecules from the very outermost surface of the sample. The particles are removed from atomic monolayers on the surface (secondary ions). These particles are then accelerated into a “flight tube” and their mass is determined by measuring the exact time at which they reach the detector (i.e. time-of-flight).

    • Fast: 100 sec analysis time
    • Metal and non-metal determination simultaneously
    • Analysis in ppm to ppb level of concentration
    • Depth profiling and analysis of layers along with the thickness
    • 3-dimensional projection of chemical images


Chemical profiling of materials and substances thru surfaces (Foreign materials ID, material type, etc). Elemental and molecular determination of substances via secondary ions (characterization, ion analysis for compound ID, etc). Complete chemical mapping and distribution analysis of substances on surfaces (Elemental and ion maps of surfaces, etc). Compositional analysis of material structural layers via depth profiling (interfacial study, leaching, corrosion, etc). 3D-projection and distribution of substances inside material structures (internal FM analysis, internal defects, distribution phenomena, etc)



Test Method

TOFSIMS spectroscopy
TOFSIMS mapping
TOFSIMS depth profiling
TOFSIMS 3D mapping

Sample Requirements

Sample should be dry.

Can be conductive or non-conductive.

Max size is 3.5in(W) x 3.5in(L) x 1cm(T)

100g max weight

Microscopic samples should not be smaller than 50um x 50um.

Best results are achieved with smooth surfaces.

Pelletizing of powder/crystal samples is encouraged.

Test Limitations/Restrictions

Not intended for magnetic samples
Not intended for biological samples (living, wet or moist)
Not intended for hazardous samples (toxic, fumes, etc.)

Not intended for electrically insulating samples

Not intended for radioactive samples

Not intended for explosive samples

Standard Lead Time

3-5 days

*w/in 24 hours if urgent