Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR)

P5,000/sample (P4,000 student rate)

FTIR spectroscopy is a failure analysis technique that provides information about the chemical bonding or molecular structure of materials, whether organic or inorganic. Molecules have their fingerprint IR spectra and identification is usually done by comparing the spectrum with a collection of reference spectra.

    • Infrared spectra for organic and inorganic
    • Determines composition or presence of contamination
    • Identification and characterization of unknown materials, additives in polymer matrix, oxidation, decomposition, and uncured monomers


Identification of organic materials like polymers/plastics, paints, resins, adhesives, epoxy, dyes, ink, or pigments and some inorganic substances using “fingerprint” infrared spectrum.


Test Method


FTIR Microspectroscopy

Sample Requirements

Sample should absorb between the analysis range of the instrument (4000-600 1/cm) but with a proper resolution to produce a proper signal.

Sample size should be >50x50 um and >0.5 cm thick or can be reduced to desired dimensions.

Test Limitations

Can analyze organic compounds and some inorganic compounds that is within the analysis range. Should be in a substrate/medium that does not absorb on the analysis range of the instrument.

Standard Lead Time

3-5 days

*w/in 24 hours if urgent