Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

P3,000/sample (P2,400 student rate)

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) measures heat flow associated with phase transitions in materials as a function of temperature and time. These measurements provide quantitative and qualitative information about the physical and chemical changes that occur in the sample which may involve endothermic (heat absorption) or exothermic (heat evolution) processes, changes in heat capacity of the material during physical transitions which may result to phase changes, melting or fusion, and other heat-induced transitions.

    • Detects changes that alter heat flow
    • Detects solid phase transition can such as melting, glass transitions, phase changes, and curing material’s heat capacity or change in heat content (called enthalpy)


Pharmaceuticals, polymers, nanomaterials, food products, paper, printing, manufacturing, agriculture, semiconductors, and electronics


Test Method


Sample/ Materials that can be tested

5 to 10 mg of sample

Organic and inorganic chemicals in films, solids, powders, or liquids form

Test Limitations

Sample should not be halogenic in nature, and should not be explosive when exposed to high temperatures.

Temperature range: 5 - 445°C

Standard Lead Time

3-5 days

*w/in 24 hours if urgent