ADMATEL Health and Safety Guidelines

DWARM thermal scanner and Safepass

USec Rowena Guevara uses SafePass upon entering ADMATEL

Upon Entry to ADMATEL Building

1. Prior entry to ADMATEL, a SafePass clearance must be obtained by answering a health questionnaire found in this site: /request-safepass/RYLX [If no health risks declared, SafePass will generate a QR code which you must scan at the building entrance. Every QR code is valid on the day of creation only.]
2. Face Mask must be worn at all times when inside the premises.
3. Step on the footbath and wash your hands before entering the building. Sanitize frequently.
4. Subject yourself to temperature check c/o guard on duty.

Upon Entry to ADMATEL Building

1. Customer Service to provide clean lab gown and Shoe Cover
2. Observe proper gowning

Inside the Laboratory

1. Observe social distancing at all times
2. Minimum to no communication at all as much as possible

Exiting the Laboratory

1. Surrender used lab gown to CS
2. Dispose shoe cover properly


Surrender safepass