ADMATEL has a total floor area of 2,880 sq. m. and houses in the 100K cleanroom three sub- laboratories, namely, the Surface Analysis Laboratory, the Thermal Analysis Laboratory and the Chemical and Metallurgical Laboratory. All our laboratories follow the industry standard requirements for cleanroom temperature, humidity and ESD safety compliance.




The Surface Analysis Laboratory specializes in understanding surface characteristics and nanoscale features of various materials. It houses three highly-advanced equipment that evaluate and provide morphology, elemental, chemical and molecular information, and even internal structures. It enables and strengthens the Filipino scientific community by providing ultra-high-resolution images and chemical analysis



Chemical and Metallurgical Laboratory meets the requirements of ISO 17025, an international standard for testing  laboratories, in the field of Mechanical Testing for Visual Inspection and Dimensional Measurement by Optical Microscopy using High Power (Compound Microscope) and Low Power (Stereo Microscope).The laboratory performs sample preparation, cross-sectioning, microscopic inspection, metallography & chemical decapsulation. The laboratory has sample preparation tools, optical microscopes, and gold sputter coater.



The Thermal Analysis Laboratory offers tests that determine the thermal properties of material as it is being heated, cooled, or exposed to a constant temperature. It also have an equipment which can identify organic and polymeric materials like plastics, rubbers, paints, inks, and adhesives.

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